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This document (hereafter referred to as the "Cookie Policy") together with the document "Website Terms and Conditions" represents your agreement with Syncro Translations Services SRL ("we" or " Syncro") on the use of our website (the "Website")

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files formed of letters, digits and numbers, which are stored on your computer, mobile device or on any other equipment used by a user when accessing various websites.

Cookies are not and do not contain viruses; however, as they store information about the user's preferences and browsing history, they can be used by some persons as a form of spyware.

It is your right to be informed about how cookies work, so that you can take the necessary measures to navigate in confidence our website.

For this reason, before we place them on your computer, tablet, or phone, we provide with information about the types of cookies, the way we use them on the Website, and we ask for your consent to use them.

By continuing to use this website, after you have read and agreed by ticking the appropriate box in the consent form posted on the website, you agree to the use of cookies as described in this informative document.

If you do not accept the Cookies Policy, you may continue to use the Website, but your experience may be altered (for instance, the Website may not work properly).


Why we use cookies?

If the browser you are using permits us to store them on your computer, tablet or phone, these cookies can be retrieved later on. We use them as it helps us with the following issues:

  • To make sure that the Website is working properly;
  • To ensure that the Website is adapted to your needs and preferences (for instance: language preferences);
  • For statistical purposes and for analysis regarding Internet traffic;
  • For marketing purposes (either of Syncro services or our partners services);
  • For other purposes mentioned in this Cookies Policy.
  • We cannot disclose the information collected through the use of cookies other than to the partners mentioned in this informative material. We do not intend to disclose it to other people unless obliged by law or by a competent authority. Furthermore, we do not sell the information collected through cookies.


What cookies do we use?

Website Cookies:






Scope Session/Permanent
1. __cfduid  

It is used by the Cloud content delivery network to identify trusted web traffic.


More on this cookie:

1 year
2. lang It retains the user's preference for the language of the Website Session
3. lang Cookie send by Linkedin, when a web page contains the "Follow us" button. Session
4. @@History/@@scroll|#

A cookie used for statistics that helps to understand how users interact with the website by collecting and reporting anonymised information. Session
5. _ga It assigns a unique identifier employed to generate statistical data on how users use the website. 2 years
6. _gat It is used by Google Analytics to limit the number of requests. Session
7. _gid It assigns a unique identifier employed to generate statistical data on how users use the website. Session
8. _hjIncludedInSample

It determines whether the user's browsing should be recorded in a certain statistical category. Session
9. ads/ga-audiences

It is used by Google AdWords to target website users likely to turn into clients based on their behaviour on other websites.


10. ads/user-lists/# A marketing cookie used to track visits from websites in order to display advertisement that are relevant and useful to individual users. Session
11. Bcookie It is used by the Linkedin network in order to track the use of embedded services. 2 years
12. BizoID A marketing cookie used to track visits from websites in order to display advertisement that are relevant and useful to individual users. 179 days
13. Bscookie It is used by the Linkedin network in order to track the use of embedded services. 2 years
14. IDE


It is used by Google DoubleClick to register and to report user actions after viewing or accessing ads, with the purpose to evaluate the effectiveness of an ad and of a personalized ad presentation.

1 year
15. Lidc It is used by the Linkedin network in order to track the use of embedded services. Session
16. Test_cookie It is used to check if the user's browser allows cookies to be employed Session
17. UserMatchHistory A marketing cookie used to track visits from websites in order to display advertisement that are relevant and useful to individual users. 179 days
18. __tawkuuid For allowing live chat service ( - 179 days
19. cf-cookie-banner For displaying the consent form for the Cookies Policy and for storing the user's option. Session
20. qtrans_front_language Necessary in order to display the website in multiple languages. 1 year
21. ss For allowing live chat service ( - Session
22. TawkConnectionTime For allowing live chat service ( - Session
23. tawkUUID For allowing live chat service ( - 179 days



Our partners

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 How can you remove cookies?

The website will recognize your browser until all the cookies expire or are being removed.

Using the browser settings (from the Help or Options menu), you can either remove certain cookies already stored on your device, or block the others. Also, you may refuse the use of cookies by the Website.

Many browsers offer the possibility to change cookies. In general, they have built-in settings that provide different levels of acceptance, validity period and automatic deletion after visiting a certain website.

Our website will work even if you choose to delete, disable or block certain cookies; nevertheless, disabling or refusing to receive cookies (from us or our partners) can make it impossible for you to access some sections or functionalities of the website, thus rendering the website difficult to access and use.

For instance, if your browser is not configured to accept cookies, you may not be able to navigate properly on our website or even use certain services (such as the chat service).

Anytime you want to learn more about cookies and their role (including how to use the browser to block or delete them), please access and browse the All About Cookies website. (

For settings of cookies placed by other partners or third parties, you may visit the website: Your Online Choices (


Latest update date: 23.07.2018


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BET 1128
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